NWA Sales & Marketing
Experience, Dedication & Knowledge you need to excel in big retailers Walmart and Sam's Club.

NWA Sales and Marketing specializes in Retail Solutions for Walmart and Sam’s Club sales to help drive profitable business growth. We work with vendors in ALL categories of the store and have been doing business in Bentonville as a Food and General Merchandise Brokerage since 1994. Our team works with suppliers and manufacturing facilities to provide insider knowledge and analytics of the way Sam’s and Walmart do business. We provide a full analysis of what your business needs to excel in these complex mass market channels.  Our team performs daily reviews of your Walmart and Sam’s Club business data to ensure your Brand is on track for growth and success at Walmart and Sam’s Club.

Our Clients Say it Best

“NWA Sales and Marketing is the true definition of a team. From data analysis to business relationships at Walmart they have built our business in to one of our top retailers. I couldn’t recommend a better sales and marketing team to any manufacturer and I look forward to many more successful years with NWA.”

– Dave Spencer

“They gave a lot of insight to the business dynamics of working with Walmart, which helped my business grow. The folks at NWA Sales and Marketing Group know how to build rapport with me and my clients. Visits are substantive but always easy going.”

– Warren Brown

“We have a great partnership with NWA Sales and Marketing Group. They are always there to ensure our Walmart business is looked out for. From reviews, to data analysis & new business proposals they have us covered. Walmart is an account we could not manage without NWA. They provide a valuable service that helps our company be vendor for Walmart for the last 3 years.”

– Felicia Vieira

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