Replenishment & Supply Chain

Our Replenishment and Supply Chain managers are the very best. We understand the time, stress, and money that’s spent doing business at big retailers. We’re here to support and get you on the ground running. What do you understand about On-Time In-Full?

In Stock

Daily, weekly, and monthly, tracking items at corporate, DC and store/club level, monitoring and correcting club, store and DC in stock opportunities.

OTIF – (On Time, In Full)

Track your supply chain reliability to alert you of issues and deductions. New goals for 2019. Upcoming, ASNs. Pull weekly and monthly reports

MABD and Fill Rate

Track and correct MABD issues. Adjust lead times based current shipping patterns.

Modular Reporting

Future effective item reports. Order tracking. Store counts, add/deletes.

Supply Plan/Forecasting

By Item, short and long term. New Items, initial forecasting and tracking. Seasonality. 3PL inventories.

GRS – Global Replenishment System Daily Instock

Daily, weekly, and monthly tracking. Store level and WM Distribution Center level. Amend store and warehouse in stock issues. Weekly store and DC level tracking reports.

Internal Supplier Training

Retail Link 101 if desired by client. Claim reconciliation process coaching.


Work closely with 3PL or your shipping department. Work with RM to modify orders (short-ships, costing issues, etc). Lead Time Analysis. Prepaid and collect expertise.


Pull orders. Setup advice.


New supplier setup. New item data input. Item update.


Customized and highly comprehensive category templates and reviews built for our clients and based on retailer views of the categories in which we compete. Daily or Weekly by customer demand.


NWA Solutions puts the full power of Retail Link at your fingertips. Highly interactive where you create what you want to see and how you want to see it. Powerful and easy to use. Adhoc as needed.

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